15 Realistic Ways to Make Money Online
If you want to avoid being exposed to coronavirus, or have more free time to play video games, then you can stay at home and earn money at the same time. We have summarized 15 ways that let you to make money online, here are the details:
1, Write for your own blog
There are two ways to start a blog, for those who have little or no experience in coding, it's recommended to register an account on WordPress.com, Wix or Weebly and host you content on their servers, all of these site builders have hundreds of designer-made templates.
Another way is to host your blog on your own server. At first you'll need to register a domain name ( at Namecheap, Namesilo or Name.com ), then rent a shared hosting server( from Bluehost, Hostgator or Dreamhost ), or a VPS( from Linode, Digital Ocean or Knownhost ), and install WordPress on your server. You can learn WordPress on Youtube and WPbeginner.com.
Once you have Wordpress installed, you are able to post articles on your blog. There are two types of blogs, the visitors of the first type mainly come from search engine, a typical example is Online tech tips, its alexa rank is 9,004, which means that it has about 30,000 unique visitors per day. The second type of blogs have many regular visitors who read their articles every day and leave comments frequently, a typical example is Ghacks.net, its alexa rank is 14,026 and has about 23000 unique visitors per day.
Most of blogs earn money by joining Google Adsense and let Google to display advertisements on their blogs. If you have a blog which has 30,000 unique visitors per day, then you'll earn about $10,000 USD per month. If you start your blog from scratch, it may take several months to get decent traffic.
2, Write for other companies
To find writing jobs online, you can go to sites like Remote.co and Upwork.
Many famous companies such as CNN, Linode and Bustle have posted writing jobs on Remote.co, if you are familiar with a specific topic, you may like these part-time or full-time writing jobs.
On the "Writing" section of Upwork, you can find article and blog writing jobs, technical writing jobs, copywriting jobs and more.
3, Start a website
There are many personal websites that earn lots of money online, for example, pdf2jpg.net, its alexa rank is 2802, it only does one job: convert pdf documents to images in JPEG format online. Another example is mp3cut.net, which allows you to cut songs and make ringtones online.
Both of these sites use open source Linux programs in the background, pdf2jpg.net uses the pdftoppm command in the poppler utility, mp3cut.net uses ffmpeg, which allows to cut video and audio files, or convert videos and audios from one format to another. If you know how to programming, you can create websites like them too! If you have no experience in coding, you can learn how to develop Web applications on W3schools, Udemy and Stackoverflow.
4, Become a transcriptionist
You can transcribe audio files or caption videos files to make money at home. These jobs let you to convert audios and videos into text format by accurately typing what you hear. Transcribing jobs can be found at Rev, Transcribeme and Gotranscript.
5, Make money on Steam
Steam is a popular platform where you can play and discuss video games, on it you can earn steam items( such as clutch case, spectrum 2 case ) and trading cards by playing games, and sell them later on the Steam Community Market.
6, Make money on Youtube
A lot of guys earn money by posting videos on Youtube, for example, there are many videos teach you how to pronounce a certain word, such as this one: How to pronounce gif, this video was published on Oct 7, 2015, and has more than 565,000 views presently( Sep 27, 2020 ). If you have plenty of subscribers on Youtube, then you are able to join the YouTube partner program and begin to earn money.
7, Make money by trading forex
It's obvious that you can make money online by trading forex, precious metals and bitcoin on sites like IG.com and Forex.com.
8, Make money on Etsy
Etsy enables you to sell handmade, craft supplies and vintage items online. There're more than 47 million active buyers presently.
9, Sell your photography or artwork
If you are a photographer, you can sell your photos to stock photo websites like Shutterstock and iStockphoto. If you are a graphics designer who are familiar with Photoshop, Illustrator or Corel Draw, then you can sell your vectors and illustrations to Shutterstock, iStockphoto, Freepik, PngTree or similar platforms.
10, Register and sell domain names
Did you know that you can register domain names at low price and sell them later at good price? On Domain Name Journal, you can find that many premium domain names were sold for more than $10,000 USD. Domain names can be registered at domain name registrars and sold on domain auction platforms like Godaddy, Namejet, Sedo or Namesilo.
11, Become a translator
If you know more than one language, you can turn your language skills into money by becoming a freelance translator on Proz or Upwork. You can easily earn money by translating documents, mobile apps or Web pages from one language to another for other companies.
12, Become a freelancer
If you have much spare time and want to turn it into money, then you can become a freelancer, there are many freelance jobs on websites like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer and Guru. For example, 3D modeling & CAD jobs, art & illustration jobs, audio production jobs, video production jobs, corporate law jobs, web development jobs, game development jobs, etc.
13, Become a reseller
Did you know that you can sell shared hosting servers, VPS servers, or dedicated servers online without your own servers? For instance, Bluehost and Leaseweb lets you to resell shared hosting and dedicated servers respectively.
14, Sell as an affiliate
There are many websites that has an affiliate program which allows you to monetize your traffic, such as Nordvpn, Freepik and Acronis, they reward people who help them sell their service or software.
If your website has no enough traffic, that's not a problem at all, you can buy paid traffic to your website using Google Ads.
15, Start your own online business
If you have plenty of money and a good idea, you can start your own business! For example, Veed.io, a website which lets you to create stunning videos and add subtitles and watermarks, grew from 0 to 50,000 users in less than a year and have made lots of money online.