5 Best Free Sticky Notes Software
1, PNotes

If you are still using paper based physical stickies, maybe you should consider to use a free sticky notes software to replace it. Electronic sticky notes is more flexible, manageable and simple to use than the traditional one, and where it really shines is that you can set it to alert at a specified time, and it allows you to encrypt all the notes, you will not forget any important thing or leak any critical information by using it.

PNotes is a stickies alternative, with it you can add as many notes as possible on the desktop, you can record any text content, customize the font size/font color/skin and much more.

One of the only drawbacks to PNotes is that it does not support sync to other computer. As we previously introduced, Cloud Notes is a sticky notes freeware that syncs to Google docs: http://diggfreeware.com/place-a-sticky-notes-gadget-on-the-desktop-which-syncs-to-google-docs-windows-7-freeware/.


PNotes works on Windows 7/Windows XP/Windows 98/Me/2000/2003/Vista/Server 2008.

Download it from CNET or sourceforge.net

2, Hott Notes

Sticky note application is designed for record notes on computer and display them on the desktop, set alarm for important schedules or events, it’s better than paper based sticky note in terms of flexible, and it’s easy to managing and editing.

Hott notes is a free sticky note software, you can add new notes to the desktop easily, double click to edit the content, or change the font / theme / opacity, set it stay on top, etc. Now you can throw away your paper based sticky note!


Download it from CNET.

Download the portable version from the developer’s website.

3, Stickies

Stickies is definitely the best desktop post-it notes freeware for Windows, it has long been my favorite utility, I’ve tried many similar software and found that it’s by far better than its competitors, now it’s one of the most-used application on my computer.

With Stickies you can post any number of note on desktop, you can type any words in it, resize the notes, customize fonts / colors / paragraph / hot keys, lock the contents, export the contents to a txt file, print a note, adjust the opacity, save or apply your personality style, set one note always on topmost, etc.

Stickies also allows you set any notes as a reminder, you can set it to sleep, setup recurring hourly / daily / weekly / monthly / yearly note, or recurrent every X minute / hour / day / week( X means any number). Now you can change your toothbrush every 5 weeks accurately with the help of Stickies, check the due date of your payment on the right day, do your daily task without drop, get alarmed on the day before your wife’s / girlfriend’s birthday.

Feature List

Stickies supports Windows 7, Windows XP and Vista.

Download from CNET or the developer’s website.

4, ATnotes

Post-it desktop notes software is probably the most useful utility, ATnotes is a free, lightweight and easy to use sticky notes application, it allows you create notes on desktop, set alarm for important schedules, it gives you many options to customize and has very low system resource usage, it’s a good alternative to Stickies.

Feature List


You can not set the initial size of a new note, and the notes does not snap each other.

Download ATnotes

ATnotes works on Windows 7 / Windows XP / Vista / 95 / 98 /Me / NT.

Download it from CNET or the developer’s website.

5, Cloud Notes

Cloud Notes is a sticky notes freeware which allows you edit, store, access and share notes easily through secure HTTPS connections using your existing Google Account, all your notes are stored on Google Doc, so you can access them from virtually anywhere!

Read more about Cloud Notes, download Cloud Notes.