5 Free Partition Manager Software
1, Partition Logic

Partition Logic is a free and lightweight partition magic alternative and Norton ghost alternative, it gives you the ability to manage and clone partitions with ease. You can boot your machine from a CD disc which Partition Logic resides on and manage your hard drive, in spite of your regular operating system type( Windows, Linux ,etc. ).


However, Partition Logic currently also has some limitations.

Partition Logic is a 3.5MB download available from the developer’s website.

2, Paragon Partition Manager

PPM( Paragon Partition Manager ) Free Edition is a free and reliable partition manager for Windows, it allows you create, format, delete, move, resize( extend or shrink ) partitions easily, and supports a variety of hard drives.

Feature List


Paragon Partition Manager Free Edition supports Windows 7, Windows XP and Vista( 32-bit version only ).

Download it from CNET.

3, Partition Assistant Home Edition

Partition Wizard is the most famous free alternative to partition magic, a few day ago I found another hidden gem which is similar to Partition Wizard, I’ve tested it on my system and it worked flawlessly and efficiently. If you think the commercial ones are overpriced, the free one is there for you.

Partition Assistant Home Edition has an tiny size and an user friendly interface, it’s easy to use, and will not actually wipe / format / resize your partitions until you press the apply button.

Feature List

Partition Assistant Home Edition works on Windows 7, Windows XP / Vista / 2000 ( 32 bit only ).

If you want to use it in 64 bit Windows, you should buy Partition Assistant Professional Edition, or use Partition Wizard( free ).

It’s a good idea to backup your system partition with free disk image software, and backup your documents with free backup and sync software before you apply your actions. If you deleted your files by mistake, you should use free data recovery software to get them back.

Download it from CNET or the developer’s website. Visit the product homepage.

4, Parted Magic

Perhaps Partition Magic is the most famous partition manager software, however it’s not free. As we covered two weeks ago, Partition Wizard is a good free alternative to Partition Magic, Parted Magic is another amazing free partition manager, you can download the Parted Magic LiveCD/LiveUSB and burn it to a CD/USB drive, then boot up the computer which has no os installed from the CD/USB, then partition the hard drive!

With Parted Magic it’s a piece of cake to create new partitions, expand primary partition or extended partition, just click the ‘Partition Editor’ icon on the desktop to launch gparted and manage your partitions. It does exactly what its name implies, and don’t need installation.

Parted Magic includes lots of useful apps, such as Memtest86+, Chromium, Clonezilla, partimage, wipe, etc.

Feature List

Parted Magic supports Mac OS X, Windows 7 / Windows XP / 2000 / 2003 / 2008 / Vista.

Download Parted Magic LiveCD 5.5 ( 136MB ) from sourceforge

Download Parted Magic LiveCD 3 ( 43MB ) from CNET.

Download Parted Magic LiveUSB 3 ( 43MB ) from CNET

Download other files from sourceforge.

5, Partition Wizard

Partition Wizard is a stable, powerful and easy-to-use partition magic alternative freeware, which gives you the ability to Merge, Move, Resize( Extend / shrink ), Create, Delete, Copy, Format partitions. It supports various of file systems including NTFS / FAT12 / FAT16 / FAT32 / Ext2 / Ext3. Partition Wizard works on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, supports both 32bit and 64 bit system. Further more, it now supports USB flash drive.

Another free partition magic alternative is easeus partition manager, I have used both of them, most functions of them are similar, but if you want to shrink one partition and extend another one, Partition Wizard is by far more quick than easeus partition manager!

In my experience, if you want to extend system partition, maybe it will get you confused, after you have deleted partition E:, or have shrinked partition D:, you still can not extend partition C:.

The reason is that the area of a partition is continuous, to extend partition C:, you must move partition D: forward( from left to right ) or resize partition D: by dragging the left arrow to right, then partition C: can occupy the space released by partition D:.

Feature List

Download now for CNET.

Download Bootable CD from partitionwizard.com.

Download Partition Wizard professional, Server, Enterprise version here.