3 Free Process Viewer
1, Yet Another Process Monitor

We’ve discussed several excellent free process viewers like What’s Running, Process Hacker and Microsoft Process Explorer, this time our old friend violent_ken, who is also the developer of Yet Another Duplicate File Remover( the best open source Duplicate File Finder ), brings us an unbelievable free and open source process manager program for Windows.

YAPM – Yet Another Process Monitor, is a free process viewer and manipulator which has a MS Office Ribbon style, it provides amazing rich features to us, including:

YAPM works on Windows 7 and Windows XP, and supports 32 bit and 64 bit platforms.

Yet Another Process Monitor is a 1.1MB download available from SourceForge.net.

2, Process Hacker

Process Hacker is an open source process monitor and active connections viewer for Windows, it allows us to view and manipulate processes, threads, tokens, modules, memory, handles, services as well as network connections easily.

Alternatives: Microsoft Process Explorer, What’s Running.

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Feature List

Process Hacker supports Windows 7, Windows XP and Vista.( 32bit and 64 bit )

Process Hacker is portable and no installation is needed.

Download it from CNET or SourceForge.

3, What’s Running

What’s Running is a powerful process monitor freeware which could tell you all of what’s happening on your Windows system, it could give you detailed information about all your system’s active processes, connections, drivers, services, with it you can kill some processes to make your computer run smoother, you can find out more information about a process, it’s an excellent utility!

What’s Running is developed by a computer genius, it’s definitely one of the best process viewer program, you could analysis the process which seems like spyware or virus and shut down it, if you are sure that there’s a virus process, you should kill the process and delete the file, if you can’t delete it you should use unlocker to unlock and remove it.


Download: http://download.cnet.com/What-s-Running/3000-2094_4-10256718.html

What’s Running supports Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7.