5 Random Password Generator
1, Wireless Key Generator

Wireless Key Generator is a password generating utility for Windows which allows you to generate random keys for wireless network, but you can definitely use it as a general purpose password generator.

Chance are that you want to generate strong password for your important accounts including Google / FaceBook / Twitter / EMail / PayPal, online md5 generator is a good choice, but it’s obviously that offline tools are more safe than online tools.


Here is a 50-bit password generated by Wireless Key Generator:


Wireless Key Generator requires .NET Framework 3.5, it works on Windows 7 and Windows XP, and supports 64-bit system natively.

Wireless Key Generator is a 30KB download available from betanews and the developer’s website.

2, PWGen

PWGen is the abbreviation of “Password Generator”, it’s a free, open source, useful and user friendly random password generator for Windows developed by cthoeing( Christian Thöing ), thanks to its simple and clean interface, you can create a complicated password or passphrase quickly and easily.


PWGen supports all 32-bit Windows operating systems including but not limited to Windows 7, Windows XP.

PWGen is a 882KB download available from SourceForge.

3, PassworG

Nowadays we use more and more passwords to protect the online accounts including EMail, FaceBook, Twitter and Paypal, etc. However, weak passwords are easy to guess and hack, it’s a good idea to produce strong passwords with password generator software and store them with password manager.

PassworG is a portable freeware which allows to create unlimited number of random, strong, complicated and high quality passwords of any length easily, you can customize the allowed characters( Lowercase, Uppercase, Numbers, Special, Alphabetic, Alphanumeric ) via the context menu, save passwords to text file, copy selected password to clipboard, or check the strength of selected password.

For example, if you check the password “(JMhE:rL-1H.|*{$9o”s123″, it will analysis the security of it and show you the following information:

PassworG works on Windows 7 and Windows XP.

PassworG is a 1.33MB download available from the developer’s website.

4, Cyberx Password Generator Pro

CPGP( Cyberx Password Generator Pro ) is a free and portable program devoted to creating high security password and checking the strength of given password. Almost all functions can be invoked via the right button context menu and keyboard shortcuts.


CPGP works on Windows 7 and XP.

CPGP is a 1.13MB download available from SourceForge.net.

5, Dual Password Generator

There are a great number of free password generating software and password management services, such as lastpass.com, keepass.info, etc. We usually generate a random password and store it in an encrypted database, however, if your master password is stolen, all of your passwords will be revealed.

Dual Password Generator is a free, lightweight, portable Windows application which could create a strong password based on a seed – your old password, it contains a pool of 8836( 94 x 94 ) random characters, as seen below:

Once you entered an old password, the app will look up the pool to generate the new password, if the old password is “123456″, it will find the intersection of column M and row N, where M = 18, N = 17. The decimal number of the first character( ’1′ ) is 49, while the base number is 33( ‘!’ ), so the row number of ’1′ is 49-33+1 = 17, the column number of ’1′ is determined by the index number of the second character( ’2′ ), which is 50 -33 + 1 = 18, so the first character of your new password is ‘_’, the second character is ‘s’, as seen below:

The theory is similar to Tabula Recta. If someone hacked your original password of a certain account( for example, Paypal, FaceBook, Twitter, Amazon, etc. ) but your actual password is generated with Dual Password Generator and your original password, he can do nothing to your account. On the contrary, if the data file of your Dual Password Generator is revealed but the thief does not know your original password, the result is same.

It’s recommended that you save your passwords with your favorite password manager, and then generate the actual password on the fly with Dual Password Generator and your ‘seed’ – the old password.

You can create a new file which contain the pool of random characters, however, please keep in mind that if the pool is changed, the output password will also change.

Dual Password Generator works on Windows 7 and Windows XP, download it now( 846KB ).