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A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode which can be read by many Apps on your mobile devices.

By scanning a QR code, users can get your message instantly including text, website URL, vCard or other information without typing any text.

You can place a QR code on your business cards, packing boxes, posters, books, tickets to let users know your contact information, official website easily.

QRcodes-Generator.com is a free online service where you can create QR codes for text, URL, SMS, EMail and VCard for free. You can customize the content, size and color of you QR code, and download the picture to your computer with a few clicks, no design or other skills required.

QR codes mean share, efficient and reliable, you can let anyone to scan a QR code at anywhere, anytime to connect to your corporation and know the detail information of your products. If you are a restaurant owner, you can even let the customers to scan the QR code of your own App on the desk, and place orders on the App without the help of any waiter! It will save you much money and time by using QR codes.

You can also share texts, URLs between different devices with QR codes, for example, if your wifi password is very long and complicated, it may take you more than one minute to type it on your iPad, iPhone, but if you generate a QR code of your password( or part of it ), you'll not have to type the password one character by one character.

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